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oh, for pete’s sake

A campaign to raise funds for cash-strapped Canadian cities has been contemptuously sabotaged by the federal government, who are demanding thousands of dollars in royalties for use of the “copyrighted” image of a Canadian penny and the phrase “one cent.” [link from the Boing] UPDATE: The Royal Canadian Mint, a corporation of the federal government, […]

$9,250 per song

A court in the US has ordered a woman to pay $222,000 (£109,000) in damages for illegally file-sharing music. The jury ordered Jammie Thomas, 32, from Minnesota, to pay for offering to share 24 specific songs online – a cost of $9,250 per song. [link…] UPDATE: Here is the playlist: * Guns N Roses “Welcome […]

why is funding good stuff so hard?

Just reading about Alive in Baghdad’s funding woes (a project of Small World News). They are a news video service, that gets close to issues no one one in big media cares about: for instance, how car bombs actually affect Iraqi families and individuals. So why is it so hard to get funding for good […]

Hersh on Iran

Seymour Hersh’s latest New Yorker article about plans for military strikes against Iran is up on their site, dealing with various intelligence opinions about what Iran’s up to in Iraq, and US Administration plans. You can find it here: Shifting Targets: New Plans for Iran.

aol/hotmail and what you are allowed to read? is a lefty news agreggator, and a non-profit org. They send out newsletters and the like to subscribers. Recently, apparently, AOL and hotmail have stopped delivering truthout emails to hotmail and AOL email users – or have labelled as spam, so the emails are not going thru. Says truthout: While AOL has been […]

CRTC report will destroy our heritage!

Laurence Dunbar and Christian Leblanc were commissioned by the CRTC to write a report and recommendations for on the Canadian broadcasting regulatory environment. Geist is happy, concluding: The authors remain optimistic, however, concluding that “the solutions to this issue lie not in imposing new regulatory restrictions on Canadian companies as some stakeholders have suggested – […]

Hersh on the Media

Sy Hersh is the best writer on what’s going on in the US gov’ts war rooms (hint: they plan to start a war with Iran). There’s a good interview over at Jewish Journal, and check this gem, from a guy who started writing for print in the 1970s: There is an enormous change taking place […]

facebook & predicting behaviour

All this data we are putting into the web – say, into our blogs and into facebook and elsewhere, could be used for much more than just figuring out what kind of sneaker ads we’re likely to want to see. If you have a big enough and powerful enough database, and you felt like tracking […]

stelco: corporate canada’s garagesale

Another Canadian corporate giant gets sold off, this time steelmaker Stelco goes to American company US Steel. I’ve written about this before. Pretty soon, we won’t have any big companies left in Canada – tho the recent economic turmoil caused by bad subprime mortgages, means that cheap capital will be drying up, and we’ll see […]

gonzales resigns

Says the NY Times: Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, whose tenure has been marred by controversy and accusations of perjury before Congress, has resigned. A senior administration official said he would announce the decision later this morning in Washington.