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why is funding good stuff so hard?

Just reading about Alive in Baghdad’s funding woes (a project of Small World News). They are a news video service, that gets close to issues no one one in big media cares about: for instance, how car bombs actually affect Iraqi families and individuals.

So why is it so hard to get funding for good projects? We’re having a similar problem with the Atwater Digital Literacy Project.

There are a number of micro-pay philanthropy sites now, and alive in baghdad, for instance has paypal subscription buttons … to try to get people like you and me to support them.

But it’s not really taking.

What could we do to make this easier for those of us who want to pay, and those in need of financial support?

I’ve often though about something like my Internet Support Bank Account – with an easy button. So I put in, say, $250 at the beginning of the year to my “micropay account”, and as I surf the web, finding projects I like, I drop, $5, 10, 25 or whatever to the cause. Until I run out of money.

In order to make this work there would have to be some kind of standardized payment system – that could work for instance on different platforms. I guess paypal works something like that – but I want something more dedicated to this idea, less corporate.

Probably there has to be some fun component too? I’m not sure.

I pay a couple of bucks a day for coffee, and i’ll buy a pint of beer without thinking twice. Why so hard to support projects I care about I wonder?

[tipped off by twitter Julien]

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