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Hugh McGuire
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Hi there. I’m Hugh McGuire.

I’ve been building tools and communities to bring books onto the open web since about 2005. I’m the founder of (free public domain audiobooks, made by volunteers from around the world), Pressbooks (an open source book publishing platform built on WordPress).  I’m also Executive Director of the Rebus Foundation, a non-profit that is building the infrastructure to support books on the open web, by: building a new collaborative model for creating and publishing Open Educational Resources (OER), and building an open platform for scholarly reading. I live and work in Montreal, Canada.

I’m the co-editor, with Brian O’Leary, of Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto — Essays from the bleeding edge of publishing (O’Reilly).

I’ve talked about the future of publishing around the world, and my work has appeared in various places in print, bits and audio, including: the New York Times, Forbes, the LA Times, BBC Radio, the New Yorker, CBC Radio, NPR, Techcrunch and Pando Daily.

If you’d like to get in touch, try:

  • Sending me an email:
  • Pinging me on Twitter: @hughmcguire

[pic by Dan Parsons]