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rugby match tomorrow

if anyone would like to watch a rugby match tomorrow (saturday, june 16), I’m playing at 3pm in westmount park. Deets (incl link to a map).

Getting Things Done – again

Just a quick note on my experience thus far with iGTD … seems like I’m getting lots of the little things done, and agonizing over the bigger ones, as usual. Mike linked to a good review of the problems with GTD and a smart way to look at your list: “When you put a thing […]

Will I get more things done?

If you start to notice me being hyper-productive, it might be because I have started using a neat little productivity/management software, iGTD: The software uses the Get Things Done productivity methodology, which apparently will solve all my constant procrastination problems and turn me into a man of unlimited energy and robot-like (almost frightening) efficiency, while […]

objectives 2007

A bit late, but here is of objectives for 2007, focusing on the next, say, 5 months. I have been waffling a little, dipping toes into too many things, and I need to focus on some key professional objectives. Here they are: primary objectives: 1. finish novel #2 (draft 1) (august) 2. redesign collectik (august) […]

nice pic

From Shawna, of me, at BarCamp. I had actually just pressed “save” on the presentation, when I heard my name announced, and had to go up to present. Nice timing.

interview with jon udell on LibriVox

I’ve always been a big fan of Jon Udell’s stuff – he writes not just about tech things that interest me, but he’s also got a great sense that web technology ought to be good for society as well. Jon was one of the first “famous” people I contacted when I started LibriVox, and he’s […]

places I’ve been

I used to travel a lot for work: create your own visited country map (via Patrick & Bosko).

Freedom and Constraints

(cross-posted at TextoSolvo) One of the problems in the Western world right now, in my estimation, is that we see “freedom” as an artificially good thing in an abstract & idealized sense. humans, whatever else we are, are animals, and we have developed biological and cultural systems to deal with the universe. and nothing is […]

i’ve moved!

Yesterday, I had coffee & a great talk with Matt Forsythe. He was the 5th? 6th? person in the last two weeks to make a comment about dose, dosemagazine, and the really awful CanWest rag, His comment was something: “It took me a long time to read your blog without cringing because I always […]

How to Deal with Difficult People

I’ve always been an diplomatic sort, and I’ve learned a fair bit recently in some internet dust-ups. Experience at LibriVox and elsewhere has taught me some invaluable lessons in dealing with jerks. Everyone deserves at least one thoughtful and detailed explanation, but often people then push for more. And more. A friend just had a […]