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objectives 2007

A bit late, but here is of objectives for 2007, focusing on the next, say, 5 months. I have been waffling a little, dipping toes into too many things, and I need to focus on some key professional objectives. Here they are:

primary objectives:
1. finish novel #2 (draft 1) (august)
2. redesign collectik (august)
3. launch “edited collectik” (july)
4. launch new start-up (sept)
5. pitch book on LibriVox (sept)

secondary objectives:
6. get 2nd contract for collectik
7. publish novel #1 online (audio?) if I don’t hear back from Anansi (october)
8. get funding for atwater media project (sept)
9. post on huffington 2x per month


  1. HippieChyck HippieChyck 2007-05-14

    what’s the atwater media project and what will be the new start up?

  2. Christopher Hughes Christopher Hughes 2007-05-14

    Go Hugh.
    Tentative-none-of-my-business suggestion – why not pitch the librivox book now?
    You won’t want to write it at the same time as launching a new start-up. And if its a ‘no’, you can save time and energy not worrying about it. And if its ‘yes’, knowing you had another book to write would help you focus on the 1st draft of your novel.
    And I want to read it! (real, selfish reason)

  3. HippieChyck HippieChyck 2007-05-15

    Are there any items left on your wish list in terms of in-kind donations? Our firm represents a lot of the top tier computer, digital camera and mobile phone companies. No promises, but perhaps if we’ve got demos that need to be reviewed in terms of usability, our clients would consider giving a few to students in the Atwater group in addition to the regular tech journos…even better if the kids are blogging about it (good or bad, it’s okay to say the product sucks) or if the client could do a local community paper type tie in or something.

    Just a thought.

  4. Hugh Hugh 2007-05-15

    hi hippie, thanks for that … our pilot phase is over, so now we’re not looking for equipment in short term, but focusing on longer-term funding. but as we put that together, some support from companies willing to make in-kind contributions would be great, so I’ll be in touch. thanks again.

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