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Will I get more things done?

If you start to notice me being hyper-productive, it might be because I have started using a neat little productivity/management software, iGTD:


The software uses the Get Things Done productivity methodology, which apparently will solve all my constant procrastination problems and turn me into a man of unlimited energy and robot-like (almost frightening) efficiency, while allowing me to maintain space for creativity, to cuddle my wife, improve my cooking, my on-field rugby performance, take up opera singing.

The nice thing about the approach, and software, is that it separates tasks into both projects (eg, LibriVox, Writing, Collectik), and contexts (email, phone, outside, inside, online, urgent).


  1. Patrick Patrick 2007-05-27

    Ah! Good luck with that.

    GTD helps with being more productive when working, good luck with convincing yourself to work instead of procrastinating though.

    (that’s the way it goes for me anyway)

  2. Mat Mat 2007-05-28

    i used vitalist (…

    a (free) hosted GTD app. love it.

  3. Hugh Hugh 2007-05-28

    iGTD is GPL – free beer & speech… will check out vitalist…

  4. sbxxolqiny sbxxolqiny 2007-06-18

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