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iGTD – Final Assessment

iGTD … iGetThingsDone is the light project/action management app, based on the Get Things Done productivity approach. I’ve been using it for about a month now, and I can report that I am happy with it (here are my first, and second posts about it).

As I said somewhere, in a comment maybe, it’s not much more than a to-do list on your hard drive… but the added little bit of sweetness, which really is useful, is that you can sort by:

* project (eg, for me: LibriVox, personal, Collectik, rugby, writing … etc)
* context (eg, for me: urgent, email, online, offline, phone, outside, inside … etc)

That’s a simple but powerful rejig of the good old fashioned to-do list I used to post on my fridge… and has the added benefit of being on my computer, where many of the things I need to get done spend most of their time.

My life has not changed all that much, but I feel like I am keeping track of stuff much better now. So:

iGTD = good.

(Does anyone know of a similar free software app for PC?)

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