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iGTD – Final Assessment

iGTD … iGetThingsDone is the light project/action management app, based on the Get Things Done productivity approach. I’ve been using it for about a month now, and I can report that I am happy with it (here are my first, and second posts about it).

As I said somewhere, in a comment maybe, it’s not much more than a to-do list on your hard drive… but the added little bit of sweetness, which really is useful, is that you can sort by:

* project (eg, for me: LibriVox, personal, Collectik, rugby, writing … etc)
* context (eg, for me: urgent, email, online, offline, phone, outside, inside … etc)

That’s a simple but powerful rejig of the good old fashioned to-do list I used to post on my fridge… and has the added benefit of being on my computer, where many of the things I need to get done spend most of their time.

My life has not changed all that much, but I feel like I am keeping track of stuff much better now. So:

iGTD = good.

(Does anyone know of a similar free software app for PC?)


  1. Martin Dufort Martin Dufort 2007-06-22

    Hey Hugh:
    I’m wondering if you used Yojimbo on the Mac and if there is a possible comparison to iGTD. I think iGTD is more structured in the management of the To Do lists as Yojimbo is more an information classifier tool.

    Anyway your comments on this would be appreciated

  2. Alexandre Alexandre 2007-06-25

    As I finally got back on Mac, I’ll be able to try this out. I’ve been a bit skeptical of GTD in the past (at least, the way some people implement it in their lives) but this could be really cool.
    Now, if you do find a Windows tool, could you report on it here? That way, we may be other to GTD on both platforms.

  3. Hugh Hugh 2007-06-27

    martin, i looked at Yojimbo and it seems much more about organizing stuff on your computer.

    the nice thing about iGTD is it’s simplicity. it’s just a nice way to keep track of your to-do lists. simple & effective.

    like alexandre, i’m skeptical about the cultish following of the GTD religion. Again, to me it’s just a good way to track your to-do lists. not rocket science.

  4. Alexandre Alexandre 2007-06-27

    Exactly. GTD the book probably contains good advice which can make you more efficient but chances are we already do most of these things.

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  6. Ken Ken 2007-06-28

    Hugh- all that investment and hard work I’ve put into this new friendship is finally paying off! I’ve been looking for something like this for months. iCal just doesn’t offer enough, and all the full featured project planners I’ve tested provide so many features I can’t get anything done. iGTD might be just right – I’ll let you know at PAB 2008.

  7. Hugh Hugh 2007-06-28

    ken – iGTD is even supposed to synch with ical, but I have not figured out how to make that work properly. … and indeed the “time” feature seems a bit off. the one thing i would like is an alarm that says “do this” on certain tasks, but overall I am relatively satisfied.

    but there is a catch, i am finding. most of the to-dos that stay undone are often things that i just can’t get my head around … so in a sense i have yet to *decide* how to deal with them. so seeing them in iGTD is always a bit of a stress., because you think: i need to do that, but i’m not quite sure what that is!

    still that’s a problem with all to-do lists, no different here.

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  9. […] past weekend, I read a “Final Assessment” on a Mac OS X application called iGTD. It’s a rather straightforward tool for managing tasks. […]

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