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Prisoner of Zefra?

The Canadian military, specifically the Directorate of Land Strategic Concepts , has put out a novel called Crisis in Zefra (pdf) to explore how emerging technologies might impact on combat. Written by Karl Schroeder

Here’s a quote from the novel, for Boris:

“A number of young men and women are approaching your position,” shesaid. “They appear to be unarmed mobloggers,” she added.

“Video scavengers,” said Monet. “This will be all over the world in five minutes.”

They also talk about news aggregators, smart mobs, text-messages, among other things (no mention of Collectik tho).

From the digital dust jacket:

Crisis in Zefra is a fictional narrative designed to illustrate emerging concepts and technologies that could become part of Canada’s Army of the Future. Set in 2025, this story follows what starts out as a routine patrol mission through the streets of war-torn Zefra, but the situation quickly degrades into a ‘three-block-war’ scenario.

The aim of this publication is to stimulate both interest and debate on the conceptual development of Canada’s Army.
Readers are encouraged to refer to the Canadian Army publication Future Force when reading Crisis in Zefra,
although it is not required to enjoy this publication. This publication presents a fictional scenario only and should not be quoted as an authoritative source for any detail of policy, doctrine, technique or procedure in the Canadian Army.

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