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i’ve moved!

Yesterday, I had coffee & a great talk with Matt Forsythe. He was the 5th? 6th? person in the last two weeks to make a comment about dose, dosemagazine, and the really awful CanWest rag, His comment was something: “It took me a long time to read your blog without cringing because I always thought of Canwests’ dose.” Other comments I’ve had were, “Oh, you write for dose?” and “Hey, are you going to lose your job? I heard dose was cutting back on writers.” etc. etc. Enough is enough.

The last nail in the coffin. I guess. I just moved here from (tho I have owned since 2002), but I just have to move again. I can’t take the association any more.

I’ve registered: … and will be moving there shortly I have moved. I’ll keep you all posted.

which means starting all over again, but at least it’ll be done with for once and forever.

(by the way, is a lawyer in New Jersey, and has nothing to do with me).

Let this be a lesson to all you kids: Choose your URL wisely.

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  1. Evan Prodromou Evan Prodromou 2007-04-02

    I’m pretty bummed about the move, since it makes my lame joke about you running an e-magazine about MS-DOS all the more lame.

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