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well that was pretty easy…

dreamhost one-click install; uploaded theme and plugin folders by ftp; exported Dose xml file; imported dose xml file. a couple of tweaks left, and bob, as they say, is your uncle.

for whatever faults wordpress has, it’s a pretty fantastic tool.

welcome to my new and final abode, everybody!

UPDATE: jeeze-bazeeze: opened the doors here 2 hrs ago, and already 81 spam messages caught by Askimet. wtf??? (oh, maybe those were imported from dose? hope so).


  1. matt matt 2007-04-02

    aahh… that feels much better.

  2. Boris Boris 2007-04-02

    Well, I for one am &^%#*$ impressed. Want a job? ;)
    (Mike, you watching? Look, see, if Hugh can run his own blog…)

    hehehehe. I kid because I love…

  3. admin admin 2007-04-02

    matt: yup. much.

    boris: gah…maybe ;)

  4. Evan Prodromou Evan Prodromou 2007-04-02

    You should really figure out how to make do a 301 redirect to Otherwise you’re losing all your google juice at one fell swoop.

  5. Hugh Hugh 2007-04-02

    evan, do I have to do that on EACH page in dose? i guess there should be a smart way to do that, any suggestions?

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