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last of the rugby

Westmount Rugby Club is having a friendly match against a team from Gatineau this weekend, Saturday, 12pm, at Westmount Park. Come and watch. Better yet, bring your boots and have a run around. *what: post-season friendly match *when: saturday oct 20, 12pm *where: westmount park Also: we’ll be watching the World Cup Final – England […]

the only real divide

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been thinking lately about conservatives and progressives, and the problems of our current climate of political debate, heightened exponentially by cable news pundits in the USA. I have a trip to Saskatoon coming up, and I was thinking of contacting a few Sask bloggers, and Small Dead Animals comes […]


Some nice photos of Italy: See the set here.


i just saw a mouse in the kitchen. we have mouses in our new house. gah.

why do internet fights hurt me so?

Just had a recent spate of flamey acrimony on LibriVox (which is usually an oasis of kind and pleasant discussion). It’s amazing how draining these things are for people. I didn’t get too worked up personally, tho I spent too much time trying to convince people to stop being so … imflamatory. And I did […]


and tired… but glad to be home.

love letter to bell, v1

A more detailed rendition is on the way, but here is my most recent love letter to Bell. You cut off our phone, although the problem was yours (billing said we owed money; credit dept said we did not, and said we should ignore the bill recieved). After HOURS on the phone with 5 different […]

Hosting a party in the digital age

Next time you host a big party with many different people, why not set up a web page with URLs of attendees, so people can figure out if there is anyone they’d like to talk to? Was just at a wedding this weekend, and luckily ended up chatting with Jason and Kirsten … (whose blogs […]

pledgebank What is PledgeBank for? PledgeBank is a site to help people get things done, especially things that require several people. We think that the world needs such a service: lots of good things don’t happen because there aren’t enough organised people to do them. Can you give me some examples? Sure. ‘I will start […]

iGTD – Final Assessment

iGTD … iGetThingsDone is the light project/action management app, based on the Get Things Done productivity approach. I’ve been using it for about a month now, and I can report that I am happy with it (here are my first, and second posts about it). As I said somewhere, in a comment maybe, it’s not […]