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What is PledgeBank for?
PledgeBank is a site to help people get things done, especially things that require several people. We think that the world needs such a service: lots of good things don’t happen because there aren’t enough organised people to do them.
Can you give me some examples?
Sure. ‘I will start recycling if 100 people in my town will do the same’; ‘I will organise my child’s school play if 3 other parents will help’; ‘I will build a useful website if 1000 people promise to contribute to it’.


My pledge:

I will think of a good pledge to make. but only if 10 other people with internet access will do the same.

Sign up here to fill my quota: think of a pledge.

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  1. Heather Heather 2007-07-18


    Thanks for the mention on your blog, and for creating a pledge. I work with PledgeBank, doing outreach in the U.S., and we’d love to build up the use of the site in Canada, as well. We rely on viral marketing to get the word out, so I’d encourage you to keep letting folks know about the site (and to create that pledge that you thought of!!).

    Let me know if you have any questions/concerns: heather at pledgebank dot com!


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