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love letter to bell, v1

A more detailed rendition is on the way, but here is my most recent love letter to Bell.

You cut off our phone, although the problem was yours (billing said we owed money; credit dept said we did not, and said we should ignore the bill recieved).

After HOURS on the phone with 5 different departments on Thurs, aug 9, a payment was made (conf#: 009***), and we were PROMISED that service would be restored by Fri August 10 at 3:30pm. IT WAS NOT.

We called again August 10, in the late afternoon, and were told that nothing could be done until Monday. We are away for vacation, next week.

We would like:
a) our phone service restored
b) a written apology for the DISMAL customer service that Bell provides.
c) compensation for our missed service AND for the hours of frustration your company has put us through.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.


  1. Justin Justin 2007-08-11

    That’s Bell, I once had the secretary of the VP of customer service hang up on me – not because I was rude but because after providing what I thought was more than sufficient personal information I refused to provide any more. Bell does not care – not at any level.

  2. Mat Mat 2007-08-11

    Bell will be served its just desserts… I wouldn’t touch their stock with a 350 ft pole.

  3. Chris Hughes Chris Hughes 2007-08-11

    Very restrained, under the circumstances.

    C’mon, Hugh. Give them hell.

  4. zura zura 2007-08-13

    Fuck it, give ’em hell and then switch to Rogers.

  5. Boris Boris 2007-08-15

    There is exactly zero reason to have a POTS “landline” today. From Bell or anyone else (who else?)

    Get a goddamn mobile phone and learn how to manage your availability (these devices allow for an enormous spread of possibilities, you just have to poke)

    or, if you want to dive in deeper, set up your own PBX at home using your existing Internet connection and an old PC running linux and Asterisk. There are a half dozen geeks in your network who know how and would be more than happy to help set it up for the cost of a BBQ evening on your roof terrace. ;)

    I’ll come and watch. and pour the wine. :D

  6. Boris Boris 2007-08-15

    oh and have a good vacation. :)

  7. Be a Good Daughter Be a Good Daughter 2007-10-30

    Sweet comment.
    I guess you will link to our blog..

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