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  1. kara kara 2007-08-10

    Wow! Mirror in the Bathroom! That’s a great song, and one I’d completely forgotten about. I’d never seen the video. Thanks!

  2. zura zura 2007-08-11

    Loving the “dancing black guy” in Mirror in the Bathroom. He seems to have no other purpose in this video. :)

  3. aj aj 2007-08-11

    That’s Ranking Roger, he was the co-lead singer with Dave Wakeling (the shore-haired white guy). He isn’t given much to do here. Featuring crazy-legs dancing from guitarist Andy Cox!

    Cox of course went on to found Fine Young Cannibals with the Beat’s bassist, David Steele, and singer Roland Gift.

    But of course no ska retrospective would be complete without: the MiniPops Colgate Gel commercial, set to the tune of Madness’ Baggy Trousers – complete with them doing the Nutty Train dance!

  4. Hugh Hugh 2007-08-11

    oh man that colgate ad is amazing. i want to brush my teeth now.

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