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friday mixed tape: for BELL CANADA

In honour of how unhappy I am with Bell Canada for cutting off my phone for a week, telling me twice it would be reconnected without reconnecting, charging me for a long distance plan I did not order, disabling my call answer, and requiring calls to 5 different departments (customer service, credit, technical and repairs, billing, and collections) on 5 different occasions (many departments getting 2 and 3 calls from us, without ever allowing us to get back to the person we were originally talking to – often making us wait, again, in the good old “all our agents are busy” queue … etc etc …), and then having the gall to offer 20 fri**ken dollars for all the headache they caused. Did I mention I am not happy with Bell Canada and their dismal customer service? By the way, today after all the bloody mess they tell us, “Oh the problem is that we are changing billing systems, and half of your account is in one system, and the other half in the other.” Yeah. Thanks for telling me that after a week and a half battling with your idiotic customer service system which insists on telling us that we are at fault. Thanks Bell.

Anyway, here is my heavy metal mix … starting with Hells Bells, in honour of their Customer Service system, and then getting a bit off topic, I guess, but imagine all that Heavy Metal angst focused like a laser beam of pissed offedness directly at the Vice President of Customer Service of Bell Canada, whose name, not surprisingly, is not so easy to find online. But I will find it.

Anyway. Enjoy:
AC/DC: Hells Bells

Iron Maiden: Run to the Hills
(here I like to substitute “Bell Canada” for “White Man”)

Black Sabbath: Paranoid

(for a cheerier mixed tape, Kara did an all-OK-Go mix)

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