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facebook & predicting behaviour

All this data we are putting into the web – say, into our blogs and into facebook and elsewhere, could be used for much more than just figuring out what kind of sneaker ads we’re likely to want to see. If you have a big enough and powerful enough database, and you felt like tracking […]

interview with Jon Udell

I did a quick text interview with Jon Udell about public data, over at

press and canadian mobile data

The Canadian press is all over the brutal mobile data rates Canadian carriers charge (compared with reasonable rates elsewhere). An editorial in the Gazette; an editorial in the Ottawa Citizen, now a big article in the National Post. I agree with them, and I’ll wager that CanWest (who owns all three papers) has some big […]


According to a Russian hacker team called “web-hack,” Apple’s much heralded and overly hyped iPhone contains “a built-in function which sends all data from an iPhone to a specified web-server. Contacts from a phonebook, SMS, recent calls, history of Safari browser” can be hijacked, as the VS iPhone blog reports. [more…] … lots of good stuff

You should go check out a group project I am involved in, (so it’s a group blog, currently consisting of a group of two, one of them not me). Tons of neat stuff going on in this space internationally, and in Canada. In particular, I just posted about the Istanbul Declaration from the OECD, […] at

Brief interview with Rami Tabello of, over at launched

As a parallel to the project, I just whipped up a new group blog Here is the about: is a group blog, inspired by, which believes all levels of Canadian governments should make civic information and data accessible at no cost in open formats to their citizens. The data is collected […]

how data (or, podcasting) will save the world

This presentation is not actually about podcasting, it’s about data…but it was presented at podcastersacrossborders, and LibriVox is the inspiration for these thoughts.

private eyes are watching you

iTunes DRM-free music is GREAT move in the right direction, right? Yeah, as long as they don’t embed 360k of secret data including your name and email address … the better to see who’s buying what music … wherever that music ends up on the net. It appears that their DRM music is the same. […]

Your Parliament is Copyrighted

They may be paid by Canadian citizens, and they may work for Canadian citizens, and letting citizens know what they say may legitimately be considered an important component of a functioning democracy … but no no no, you can’t post to the net vids of Candian politicians talking in Parliament, without getting PERMISSION FORM THE […]