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hacking the noosphere

I had dinner with one of my favourite web writers last week, Jon Udell (along with a collection of other Montreal datahounds and web citizens). I like Jon’s stuff because he writes not about exploring the outer edge of the snowplow; but rather taking things from the snowplow blade and figuring out how they might […]

history’s best charts

…over at on your way to the economist.

the shape of the waves

Ever wonder what those wifi and rfid and gsm waves in the air actually *look* like? Sorta like this: See more fictional radio spaces here. [via infoesthetics]

how much to know you’re poor?

Tracey posted this over at …: There is an excellent article in the Toronto Star about why we have little understanding about the social demographic situation in Canada! Bref! No one can afford the research! In the article Truth carries a painful user fee; Carol Goar tells it like it is right now in […]

barcamp sketch

Matt sketched barcampmtl#3: That’s me yammering about data.

like google maps, but more internetty

The Whole Internet: Yes, we map all 4,294,967,296 IP addresses onto a huge image and let you zoom into it and pan around. Just like google maps, but more internetty.

Ministry of Communication Limitations

… I refer to the big cellphone carriers as the “Soviet ministries.” Like the old bureaucracies of communism, they sit athwart the market, breaking the link between the producers of goods and services and the people who use them… From the wall street journal.

green party’s net policies

The Green Party, reports Michael Geist, put out it’s policy document. Have not looked thru it yet, but there’s support for network neutrality: Supporting the free flow of information The Internet has become an essential tool in knowledge storage and the free flow of information between citizens. It is playing a critical role in democratizing […]

can the government just give it away?

[cross-posted at] The Guardian UK Tech Section has an ongoing campaign to free UK government data, with an associated blog: Their campaign inspired a response from the Ordnance Survey titled: These maps cost us £110m. We can’t give them away for free. The response argues that the maps cost money, that the OS […]

MoveMyData looks interesting: Your content and data should be yours to manage and do with as you please. Your images, writing, tags, profile, blog entries, comments, testimonials, video, and music should be yours to download and move anyplace you want. We will help ensure that no website ever holds your data hostage. [link…] I have […]