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private eyes are watching you

iTunes DRM-free music is GREAT move in the right direction, right? Yeah, as long as they don’t embed 360k of secret data including your name and email address … the better to see who’s buying what music … wherever that music ends up on the net. It appears that their DRM music is the same.

See: BBC, boingboing, and the original EFF warning.

In other bad news about iTunes, the new version, apparently, won’t let you convert from ACC to mp3.

One step forward …


  1. Chris Hughes Chris Hughes 2007-06-01

    except you can convert from AAC to mp3 – I just tried it. Perhaps you can’t do it with tracks purchased from the iTunes Store – I don’t know – but tracks ripped from CDs seems to work as before.

  2. Hugh Hugh 2007-06-01

    yes i think the prob is the itunes store files. i don’t know – never bought any, and would never touch ACC anyway. but i do like trashing apple, for some reason.

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