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friday mixed tape: superman songs

Songs about the man of steel: Laurie Anderson: O Superman (1981) OK, not really about Superman, exactly…but still, it’s Laurie Anderson. Crash Test Dummies: Superman’s Song (1991) The audio’s a bit soft on this one, and I feel like an idiot, but for some reason this tune and video sorta gets me. REM: Superman (1986) […]

friday mixed tape: st. paddy’s day mix

In honour of St. Paddy’s day, some Irish jigs & reels: Thin Lizzy: Dancing in the Moonlight (It’s Caught Me in Its Spotlight) (1977) Stiff Little Fingers: Alternative Ulster (1979) U2: I Will Follow (1980) The band didn’t go anywhere, but the lead singer went on to become a leading figure in modern dance. From […]

friday mixed tape: rock n roll revival

In 2001 a new breed of Velvet Underground-influenced, old-aesthetic rock started rolling out of a few bands. It was old and it was new and it was good again. Here are some of the tunes I remember. The Strokes: Last Night (2001) OK, so the Strokes ended up being disappointing. We all wanted them to […]

friday mixed tape: john hughes movies

Writer/director John Hughes had a string of movies in the eighties that were definitive for a certain-type of middle class North American early-teen (ie. a type like me). They were usually about angsty high school seniors, rich kids (mostly cool jerks) and their less-well-off school mates (alienated music-lovers with soul), and usually a Romeo-Juliet story […]

friday mixed tape: worst song ever

Here are my candidates. Please submit your own. A committee of editors from the Friday Mixed Tape team will review and make an Official pronouncement in one week. Huey Lewis and the News: Hip to Be Square (1986) Phil Collins: Sussudio (1985) Starship: We Built This City (on Rock and Roll) (1985) The amazing this […]

friday mixed tape: make out music

Hope you had a good Valentine’s Day. Here’s some tunes to make the moments last: Sade: Smooth Operator (1984) Another song I loved as a kid, got embarrassed by as a teen. But now I think Sade was on to something. Smooth Operator indeed. Barry White: Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Babe (1974) I […]

friday mixed tape: fela

I might be wrong, but I don’t think ever in the next couple of generations will we see someone like Fela Kuti, afrobeat legend, rebel, dissident, and one-time Nigerian Presidential candidate. Fela seemed to straddle the harsh present of the sixties/seventies, with something ancient … in a way that no one now would be able […]

wednesday guest tape: cheese metal from mitch

I know Mitch has a youtube music video problem, just like me (in fact, I may have given him his first taste of the sweet sonic tonic of nostalgia). Anyway, a while back I asked if Mitch wanted to guest curate a youtube mixed tape session. He said: hells ya. Took me a while to […]

friday mixed tape: war, what is it good for?

As we head into the 2008 US Presidential race, here are a few videos to inform the foreign policy debates. Edwin Starr: War (1969) The song inspired by the original title of Tolstoy’s War & Peace. Bruce Cockburn – If I Had A Rocket Launcher (1983) Apparently, someone once asked Eddie Van Halen: “How does […]

friday mixed tape: university days

Some tunes from my days at university. Rheostatics: Christopher (1990) I loved these modern Canadian artrock progsters. I’ve seen them live more than any other band, and I guess I have most of their albums too. Skydiggers: I’m Wondering (1993) My roommate Matty used to say, “I don’t get why everyone likes this band, it […]