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friday mixed tape: superman songs

Songs about the man of steel:

Laurie Anderson: O Superman (1981)
OK, not really about Superman, exactly…but still, it’s Laurie Anderson.

Crash Test Dummies: Superman’s Song (1991)
The audio’s a bit soft on this one, and I feel like an idiot, but for some reason this tune and video sorta gets me.

REM: Superman (1986)
REM live in 1987, the video’s a bit of a mess, but the sound is OK. That’s Gary Zekley, writer of the original 1969 version, on stage with tambourine.


  1. Hugh Hugh 2008-03-23

    thanks for the links – my original line up had a live version of the kinks tune, but it’s no longer up on youtube, so REM got the spot instead.

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