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friday mixed tape: worst song ever

Here are my candidates. Please submit your own. A committee of editors from the Friday Mixed Tape team will review and make an Official pronouncement in one week.

Huey Lewis and the News: Hip to Be Square (1986)

Phil Collins: Sussudio (1985)

Starship: We Built This City (on Rock and Roll) (1985)
The amazing this is that this band was once Jefferson Airplane, who performed this. Someone once said to me, which rings true here: much of the eighties can be explained by waaay too much cocaine.


  1. Dan Dan 2008-02-22

    The best part of Sussudio was when he blinked at the camera, near the end of the video. Err no, wait, the best part IS the end of the video! It’s over!

  2. Chris Hughes Chris Hughes 2008-02-23

    The worst song ever – FACT – is ‘Wideeyed and Legless’ by Andy Fairweather-Low.
    It was on a mixed tape at a restaurant that my parents use to take us to as kids. It got so I knew it was coming – and it ended up actually making me feel physically sick.
    Music used to smell for me – a now lost talent, probably some form of synesthesia – and this song actually did smell of farts in a hot car.

  3. Chris Hughes Chris Hughes 2008-02-23

    Thanks for that Hugh. The Horror.

    I don’t think I had synesthesia at all – it still smells of farts.

    You need some health warnings, by the way. I watched the Sussudio video for the first time. Ever. I came so close to avoiding it forever.

  4. Dan Dan 2008-02-23

    I had no idea Phil Collins is so … British. I mean, I knew he was from England but I’ve never heard him not-singing before. I am not afraid to admit that I love his singing voice. It has a nice chorus effect on it.

    But this song in particular sucks. Especially the lyrics. I post them here for your consideration.

    Theres this girl thats been on my mind
    All the time, sussudio oh oh
    Now she dont even know my name
    But I think she likes me just the same
    Sussudio oh oh

    Oh if she called me Id be there
    Id come running anywhere
    Shes all I need, all my life
    I feel so good if I just say the word
    Sussudio, just say the word
    Oh sussudio

    Now I know that Im too young
    My love has just begun
    Sussudio oh oh
    Ooh give me a chance, give me a sign
    Ill show her anytime
    Sussudio oh oh

    Ah, Ive just got to have her, have her now
    Ive got to get closer but I dont know how
    She makes me nervous and makes me scared
    But I feel so good if I just say the word
    Sussudio just say the word
    Oh sussudio, oh

    Ah, shes all I need all of my life
    I feel so good if I just say the word
    Sussudio I just say the word
    Oh sussudio I just say the word
    Oh sussudio Ill say the word
    Sussudio oh oh oh
    Just say the word

  5. kara kara 2008-02-23

    I’m *trying* to eat, and Dan is playing Sussudio through his computer speakers. Thanks, Hugh!

  6. Dan Dan 2008-02-23

    I’m really starting to like Sussudio. Hugh, I may need to unsubscribe from your blog :)

  7. Hugh Hugh 2008-02-23

    heh. the secret is that phil collins paid me thousands to make that post.

  8. Hugh Hugh 2008-02-23

    @steve: ouch.

  9. Dan Dan 2008-02-23

    I found out through a wikipedia binge that Peter Gabriel (from Genesis with Phil too) founded a project called ApeNet, which was meant to link “great apes” from all over the world over the internet. I’m not joking. Also Gabriel made some kind of graphical adventure game. Funny.

  10. Hugh Hugh 2008-02-25

    i have to pass on the Agadoo nomination: “joke” songs can’t really compete against songs that are trying to be serious while being awful.

    opus, however, is a real contender.

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