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BookCampToronto – Tentative Schedule

I just sent this out to the world: the tentative schedule for BookCampToronto, May 15 (and for more detailed session info: here). Follow us on Twitter: @bookcampto Hashtag: #bcto2010 Web site: BOOKCAMPTORONTO: TENTATIVE SCHEDULE: ROOM ONE: 9:30 Launching a Digital Business from Inside a Print Business * Sulemaan Ahmed (Director of Digital Marketing, Harlequin) […]


The only way I can read web sites these days is either using the Readability bookmarklet, or Instapaper. The rest of “web design” (mostly) strikes me as a distraction from what I want: the text. I’ve been meaning to update the theme on this blog for some time, along with sprucing up some of the […]

Bite-Size Goes Social

A recent study done by Roger Bohn of UC San Diego, estimates that the average American consumes about 36,000 words of text per day, during leisure hours. That number includes print, email, the web, and text messaging. That’s a lot of text. At that rate the average American could read Moby Dick every week. The […]

In L’Actualité

Il y’a une petite article dans L’Actualité (Sept 09) sur Book Oven et LibriVox: « Le numérique ne tuera pas l’édition traditionnelle, mais il va la changer », dit Hugh McGuire. Cet ancien ingénieur en mécanique âgé de 35 ans lançait en 2007 un autre collectif, Earideas, qui recense les balados (podcasts) de l’heure sur le […]

Book Oven in the Gazette

Roberto Rocha of the Montreal Gazette has a good article about Book Oven and the new publishing landscape, with a nice pic out the window of the office (with me blocking the view, unfortunately): Before the Internet, when a writer could not find a publisher to print and sell a manuscript, he could take matters […]

LibriVox Turns Four

Today is LibriVox’s 4th birthday. LibriVox is a kooky kind of project with the following objective: To make all books in the public domain available, for free, in audio format on the internet. Some statistics, as of today: Total number of projects: 3113 Number of completed projects: 2556 Number of completed non-English projects: 364 Total […]

Opening the Doors of the Book Oven

Book Oven Open for Cooking We’ve been toiling away behind the scenes on the Book Oven for a few months. Now we’re ready to show you what we’ve been cooking. But there’s still work to do, and we want your help in building a new model for publishing. Are you a writer? An editor? A […]

Media Hack 12: Mobile & the Changes that Twitter Wrought

This week on Media Hacks we talk about the new iPhone, the next level of mobile, and … yep … Twitter, Iran, and the characteristics of the reach of microblogging. > Media Hacks 12

BookCamp in National Post

There’s a nice article, and some goofy pictures of me, about BookCampToronto in the National Post: While some may bristle at a group of outsiders spearheading discussion on the future of books, the industry response has been positive. “I really think I’m going to get in trouble for saying this, but book publishing needs to […]

Book Oven Reveals a Little Bite

Would you like to take a look at what we are doing at Book Oven? We are building an online collaboration platform for the making of books. Lots still in development, and everything still in alpha (meaning still private, still not finished). But we are starting with a small (private) alpha launch today of Bite-Size […]