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Book Oven Reveals a Little Bite

bite size editsWould you like to take a look at what we are doing at Book Oven? We are building an online collaboration platform for the making of books. Lots still in development, and everything still in alpha (meaning still private, still not finished). But we are starting with a small (private) alpha launch today of Bite-Size Edits, a collaborative proofreading tool.

Or, a word-based online game.

Or, a massive — yet productive — time waster.

Anyway, we’d like you to tell us what you think …

To get some feedback, while doing some good for the universe, we are starting by helping Project Gutenberg & Distributed Proofreaders edit some of their public domain texts. If it works, we hope to keep feeding error correction into the Gutenberg/Distributed Proofreaders process.

For more info, and to login, see the Book Oven Gutenberg Rally.

There are a bunch of codes below, please use one and post in the comments which one you’ve taken.

If you do have time to try it out and have problems, please let me know:

Also, feel free to use the invites from your account if you think you know others who might be interested…

Again, here is the URL:

And here is a first batch of codes. Use one and post below which one you used.


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