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The Examined Life

I went to see The Examined Life last night, a really, really good film about … philosophy. Wonderfully done. Interviews with eight philosophers (Zizek, Cornell West, Judith Butler and more) about their thoughts and work.

It’s no easy feat making an entertaining feature-length talking-head documentary, especially about philosophy, but Astra Taylor succeeds in this one. Not sure if/when it will be available online, or where you can see it, but here is the trailer:

My big question though is when are the action figures coming out? Cornell West vs. Peter Singer throwdown!


  1. olivier olivier 2009-04-09

    Hugh, iss this showing anywhere in Montreal right now?

  2. Nice. Thanks for letting us know — saw it tonight. Cornell West was in fine form and Zizek was perfect. I love the garbage. (Does that make me a good ecologist?)

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