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nora’s spark #2

The fabulous Nora Young has just launched a new podcast (that also happens to be a CBC Radio* show), called Spark. Covering technology, art, society, it also aims to get more interactive feedback from the net. Comments, participation, stories and the like. As with all of Nora’s radio work, it’s good good stuff. The next […]

Nora’s Spark

Nora Young is my favourite CBC radio journalist – she mixes contemporary pop culture with intelligence in just the right doses. She’s been particularly interested lately in technologies – web-based and otherwise. She’s just launching a new show, called Spark: Spark is your guide to the Next Big Thing. On-air and online, join Nora Young […]

Casey in Guardian

Hey, sweet. Montreal video maven Casey McKinnon, of Galacticast and A Comic Book Orange, has an article in the (UK) Guardian, How Do You Beat Youtube, about what needs to happen in the online vid platform space. Congrats. UPDATE: Mat has an interesting response, from a consumer’s point of view. And he’s right on.

ROR developers

Any ROR developers looking for some work? A friend has a contract coming up, 3 months, decent money. Probably needs 2 sets of hands. Let me know if you want me to put you in touch.

God’s Billboards

Reuben did a roadtrip through the States, and among other things, took pics of Church billboards. Fruits of his (and God’s) labour include: “Our Church is Cool with AC and JC.” And: See the slideshow here.

vinismo! wiki wine compendium

from montreal pals evan and niko, comes Vinismo is a project to create a free, complete, up-to-date, and reliable guide of all wines in the world. It uses the Wiki technology that lets people like you freely create and modify its pages. Two comments: -this is graphically the best looking wiki i’ve ever seen […]

URGENT: zeke and a court injunction

Yulblogger, podcaster, ilesansfiler, and art gallery/space guy Chris Hand, aka Zeke, has had his blog shut down (UPDATE: possibly permanently???) by a court injunction. The Montreal and Canadian blogging, free speech, rational people communities ought to be up in arms. I urge everyone to at least write about this to get this info out. It’s […]

zeke in a spot of trouble

All the legalese is a bit much for me this morning, but it seems as if Chris Hand of Zeke’s Gallery/Blog/Podcast is in some trouble for writing about some allegedly shady dealings in Quebec’s art world. Court injunctions, cease and desists etc. Read more here here, here and here. Heri has a review of the […]

standout jobs gets $1.5 million financing

Sweet. Ben and Fred his crew at Standout Jobs just announced $1.5 million in angel financing. (Via austin’s twitter … he’s an angel investor in the project himself).

evan’s new wikiclock

In a brilliant use of wiki technology, evan has launched the wiki clock, which uses the wisdom of the crowd to maintain an up-to-date, anyone-can-edit, clock. I just checked the clock, and the time was wrong. In the old days, I would have just moved along, thinking “what a crappy clock.” But, because it is […]