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zeke in a spot of trouble

All the legalese is a bit much for me this morning, but it seems as if Chris Hand of Zeke’s Gallery/Blog/Podcast is in some trouble for writing about some allegedly shady dealings in Quebec’s art world. Court injunctions, cease and desists etc. Read more here here, here and here.

Heri has a review of the case here. It really seems crazy: Chris is getting in trouble for posting about news stories that appeared in the Le Devoir & Radio Canada.

So: why does zeke get smashed, but Le Devoir and Radio Canada get to leave their articles up? Because Zeke doesn’t have expensive lawyers. And how the hell did the judge come to his conclusions? That’s what I don’t get. If Devoir & RC write about something, it’s in the public sphere, and bloggers should sure as heck be able to write about it.

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