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nora’s spark #2

The fabulous Nora Young has just launched a new podcast (that also happens to be a CBC Radio* show), called Spark. Covering technology, art, society, it also aims to get more interactive feedback from the net. Comments, participation, stories and the like. As with all of Nora’s radio work, it’s good good stuff.

The next episode has a segment about the Warbike:

Did you know that almost anywhere that you go in a city you’ll be sharing space with someone’s private wireless computer network? All of their personal communication—e-mail, love messages, bank passwords, credit card numbers, and bizarre surfing habits—will be passing through your body without your awareness. Who are they, and how do you feel about sharing space with their personal life?

The Warbike turns this wireless network activity into sound. As you cycle the streets, you’ll hear the activity of this invisible communications layer that permeates our public spaces. Who knew that so much was going on?

So, have a listen, and go comment on their blog (to help show CBC management that people on the web care about content).

UPDATE: also forgot to mention, they’re using podsafe/creative commons music on the show. sweet.

*NOTE: Radio shows are just like podcasts, except that you have to listen to them at specific times (often based on a “schedule” that a small group of people determine arbitrarily), and instead of being able to hear them on your computer, or put them on your portable mp3 player, you have to buy a special “radio receiver.” Radio receivers are devices that pick up radio signals (much like wifi), but are usually single-purpose machines – ie for audio only, no email, internet etc.


  1. William Spaetzel William Spaetzel 2007-09-30

    Thanks for the link. I’ll give it a listen.

    I love your disclaimer about radio shows. It gave me a good laugh.

  2. Spark Spark 2007-10-02

    What is this “radio” you speak of?…

    Hugh McGuire recently sent Spark some link love, calling it “a new podcast (that also happens to be a CBC Radio* show).” He includes the following explanatory note: *NOTE: Radio shows are just like podcasts, except that you have to……

  3. Patrick Patrick 2007-10-03

    Just finished listening to show #5 (3 and 4 yesterday), awesome. She’s really on top of what’s going on. Never thought I’d hear Lane Becker and Khoi Vinh on the same CBC radio show! Thx for the link.

  4. Hugh Hugh 2007-10-03

    you should go on over and leave em a comment!

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