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Why Academics Should Blog (Redux)

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article suggesting academics should blog, and it generated some intense debate and discussion, both on Huffington Post, and on my own weblog. I had nine points, which you can read, but the first two points were, er, indelicate critiques of academic writing, born of some recent encounters with […]

Udell on the NYTimes

Jon Udell on the NYTimes: The newspaper industry has surely earned this kind of scathing criticism. And it may well fail to capitalize on the amazing opportunities for self-reinvention afforded by the Internet. But the Times is attracting an all-star team of information architects, interactive graphics designers, programmers, and media producers. And according to Gabriel […]

How Fiction Works

What a wonderful, elegant little book, by James Wood: [openbook booknumber=”0374173400″]

Why Academics Should Blog

I’m taking a Media Theory course at Concordia in their Media Studies MA program, which involves a fair bit of reading. I’ve come to the conclusion that all academics should blog. Here’s why: 1. You need to improve your writing I have never read such dismally bad writing as that which is prevalent in academia. […]

Public, Counterpublic and the Web

I’m doing a Master’s in Concordia Media Studies program, or at least part of a Master’s (taking just one class at the moment). Below is a paper I just wrote for the Media Theory class I am taking (with Charles Acland). After doing much writing in the past years – blogging, novel writing, article-making, it […]

Taking the Linkbait about Blogging

Paul Boutin has a linkbait article up at Wired, about why you shouldn’t bother blogging. My response is: Don’t blog to get known, blog to be knowable. Twitter, et al are great, and certainly they’ve eaten into bog posting significantly; the pros have (of course, what did you expect?) moved into what used to […]

Bookkake – Print-On-Demand Publisher

[cross-posted at the Book Oven Blog] Bookkake, is “an entirely print-on-demand, and web-oriented, publisher,” launched by James Birdle. Either he’s a pervert, or a good marketer, but he’s starting with … well, let’s call them saucy books. Interestingly his first batch of books are all old classics, and out of copyright, such as John Cleland’s […]

Publishing is Dead. Long Live Publishing.

[cross posted at the Book Oven Blog] There’s been much teeth gnashing and lamenting over the impending collapse of the publishing business. See, for instance, the exhaustive New York Magazine article titled The End, with the lede: “The book business as we know it will not be living happily ever after.” Readers are reading less […]

Orwell’s writing tips

Every once in a while, for my own benefit, and for those of you who like to write, I republish this wonderful list from George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language“, which is some of the best advice to writers you’ll ever read: Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you […]

Matt Ojingogoes

Matt just released his beautiful new book, Ojingogo. (I don’t think you can buy it online yet.) I’m not a great reader of graphic novels, but I must say I love Drawn & Quarterly’s store on Bernard, and the attention graphic novelists, their publishers, and their readers give to the object of the book. The […]