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  1. Hugh Hugh 2008-11-02

    thanks nigel… off to go read it now.

  2. Nora Nora 2008-11-05

    I haven’t read this book yet, but I keep seeing it turn up on tables–and blogs–of people I respect. A new cult fave?

  3. Hugh Hugh 2008-11-05

    hmm. i think some of us postmoderns crave the solidity with which people used to think, and write, but don’t seem to much any more. if you enjoy reading fiction, it’s a pleasure to spend some time with wood, figuring out what’s interesting and exciting about james, tolstoy, pynchon, austen, flaubert, delillo, woolf etc… exploring the nuts and bolts of language & writing, but also the daring changes that these writers and many others brought to the novel.

    It’s a lovely read too.

    You can listen to Wood here, with eleanor wachtel:

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