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Stop Sawing the Table!

The National Film Board of Canada has launched their beta player, with a cornucopia of wonderful documentaries, shorts, animations and abstract films. Established in 1938, and then reincarnated in the 1950s, the NFB was one of those great Canadian enterprises from a time when Canada was interested in doing new and challenging things. The NFB explored new territory and set the standard in documentary-making and animation. So we applaud their efforts to get these treasures in front of people again. Congrats to Matt & the team.

Here are some of my recommendations:

  • Golden Gloves, Gilles Groulx, 1961, 27 min 43 sec
    A beautiful documentary about a young black Montreal boxer, Ronald Jones, and others in the Golden Gloves competition. Main problem: this is the English dubbed version, not the original French. wtf?
  • Bill Reid, Jack Long, 1979, 27 min 50 sec
    A film about Haida sculptor, Bill Reid.
  • Le merle, Norman McLaren, 1958, 4 min 39 sec
    The master experimental animator, playing with a Quebec folk song.
  • Debout sur leur terre, Maurice Bulbulian, 1983, 54 min 19 sec
    Life in three Inuit villages in Quebec.

And of course, The Big Snit:

See some more recommendations at MetaFilter.


  1. Ian Rae Ian Rae 2008-07-22

    I’m not sawing the table!!!! Aaaaaaaaaa!

    Thanks for that ;)

  2. Hugh Hugh 2008-07-23

    and i thought you wanted to play some scrabble!

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