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  1. Tracey Tracey 2008-07-10

    friends reading published novels!
    friends having drinks with friends who are authors!

  2. Sean McGaughey Sean McGaughey 2008-07-11

    Listening to friend’s first novel as a podiobook and waiting to buy a copy of the second one.

  3. zura zura 2008-07-11

    I wholeheartedly agree. :)

  4. hugh hugh 2008-07-11

    @tracey it ain’t published yet!

  5. Kara Kara 2008-07-11

    Yay Hugh!!! (I still need to do that recording for you. feel free to drop hints and reminders…)

  6. hugh hugh 2008-07-11

    @kara, until i do *my* recordings, I won’t be bugging anyone else about theirs. ;-)

  7. Hugh Hugh 2008-07-12

    @sean: yes, yes, next on list ;)
    @zura: thank you!

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