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  1. Chris Hughes Chris Hughes 2008-04-11

    1. Why are so many jazz musicians ‘legendary’? How hard is it for a jazz musician to become ‘legendary’? Does ‘legendary’ just mean ‘Oh – I’ve heard of him before!’

    2. When are going to do a David Bowie mix tape? Huh? Unca Hugh? Huh? When?

  2. Hugh Hugh 2008-04-11

    1. Hmm. well, compared with, say rock and roll, there are far fewer prominent jazz musicians, not much more than a handful. I don’t think too many of them got too rich, so maybe they can be legendary instead. but actually I think it’s very hard for jazz musicians to be legendary – for instance, monk is legendary, but what about the rest of the guys playing with him.

    2. for some bowie, see:

  3. Eric Q. Eric Q. 2008-08-20

    A list (however brief) of eccentric pianists without Erik Satie is woefully incomplete.

  4. Hugh Hugh 2008-08-22

    to be fair, it’s a list of *youtube videos* of eccentric pianists. my cursory search indicates that while there are people playing satie on youtube, there are no vids of him performing.

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