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friday mixed tape: my first tapes

When I was a kid I spent summers at my uncle’s farm in Ontario. All my cousins are older than me – and the youngest was Moira, so she spent the most time with me I guess. In 1980 I was 6 years old, and Moira was probably in her late teens, and I remember memorizing (some of) the words to the Billie Joel tune, Still Rock n Roll to Me, which played on the radio all that summer. Later, in 1983-84, another cousin from Ontario, Rose, lived with us for a year in Montreal. When she left, she gave me two tapes, the first I ever owned: David Bowie’s Let’s Dance, and Queen’s The Works.

And so, here are some more musical memories from childhood:

Billie Joel: It’s Still Rock n Roll to Me.

David Bowie: China Girl
[Note: I think this is the stranges video I’ve ever seen. UPDATE: and that’s stevie ray vaughn on guitar, by the way]

Queen: Radio Ga Ga
[Note: as I write this, the radio tells me that guitarist Brian May was awarded his doctorate today in atstrophysics, from Imperial College London, with a dissertaition titled: “Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud”]


  1. kara kara 2007-08-24

    Still rock and roll to me! I remember when that played on the radio every five minutes! Haven’t thought of it since. :) Can’t wait to watch the video. “how about a pair of cheap sidewinders and a bright orange pair of pants? you could really be a Beau Brummel baby if something something something…” (I think that’s how it goes)

  2. Hugh Hugh 2007-08-24

    should i get a set of whitewall tires?
    are ya gonna cruise the miracle mile?

  3. kara kara 2007-08-24

    Just listened — knew every note and could sing along with the sax solo :) Video was not as obnoxious as most 80s videos. Think he could have any more effects on his voice? heheh.

    I never heard the other two songs before. Guess my crappy radio station 690am “The Mighty Six-Ninety” didn’t play them.

  4. Hugh Hugh 2007-08-24

    let’s dance was considered by many a betrayal & sell-out by bowie – formerly the waaay out there ziggy stardust, this was … well … a dance album, watered down for the radio market. among his most hated albums, but still the songs are great. you probably remember “let’s dance”: “put on your red shoes and dance the blues:” (also a fantastic video … and he does have quite a voice).

  5. kara kara 2007-08-24

    I think they played “Fame” on my station.

  6. Mitch Joel Mitch Joel 2007-08-24

    I would love to read the treatment for the China Girl video.

    They must have been doing some crazy peyotes during the whole process.

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