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openid & comment tracking?

So, one thing that would make OpenID really useful, I think, is if there was a way to track blog comments made across the web, while logged in with my openid.

That is, have an RSS feed of “Comments made on all blogs by” …

There have been a few of (non-openid) efforts at this over time, but all of them clunky. Mike still tracks his comments by tagging them “mycomments” on … and i think there is a plugin called cocomment or something.

But those are “extra” hacks, and most people haven’t bothered.

If by logging-in (using openid) to leave a blog comment, i were also pinging another server (maybe’s) to tell them that I was commenting *here* … it would be easy, and useful to make a feed. ought to be able to do that because (privacy spideysense tingling) they know every time I have logged in somewhere?

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