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openid & comment tracking?

So, one thing that would make OpenID really useful, I think, is if there was a way to track blog comments made across the web, while logged in with my openid.

That is, have an RSS feed of “Comments made on all blogs by” …

There have been a few of (non-openid) efforts at this over time, but all of them clunky. Mike still tracks his comments by tagging them “mycomments” on … and i think there is a plugin called cocomment or something.

But those are “extra” hacks, and most people haven’t bothered.

If by logging-in (using openid) to leave a blog comment, i were also pinging another server (maybe’s) to tell them that I was commenting *here* … it would be easy, and useful to make a feed. ought to be able to do that because (privacy spideysense tingling) they know every time I have logged in somewhere?


  1. William Spaetzel William Spaetzel 2008-01-21

    That is a great idea. I’ve tried using cocomment on and off and I don’t find the site to be reliable.

    If someone developed an addon to OpenID consumers that accepted pings, then it would be easy to update blog software to send those pings out.

  2. Stephane Daury Stephane Daury 2008-01-21

    Technically, that’d be a better job for OAuth than OpenID.

    OpenID is for authentication (AuthN), OAuth is for authorization (AuthZ).

    Both can (and probably should) be combined into such a service.

  3. joaquin joaquin 2008-01-21

    Hi, Thanks for the posting. At coComment we will soon be releasing Open ID. Regarding reliability for coComment if you can send me your issues. We are constantly working to improve service, speed, etc, so knowing what is not working for you is very helpful.
    You can reach me at



  4. Hugh Hugh 2008-01-21

    @steph: openid/oauth … i just mean whatever centralized login service.

    @jaoquin: no problems at all with cocomment, i’ve not used it … just that it’s an extra service/plugin etc…which means that i have to do extra for it to work. while openid could solve this by giving me 2 for price of 1, login & comment tracking.

    right now i am so burned out with web aps that as soon as i see a sign-up landing page, i zone out. i can’t be bothered. … it’s a problem we’re all having in the dev world, on both sides of web aps.

  5. Mat Mat 2008-01-23

    who are the right people to implement this? should this have been written into the spec?

    it’s a great idea, because you’re right, tracking comments across blogs is brutal.

  6. Hugh Hugh 2008-01-23

    @mat: no idea who should build it. i would guess some kind of api would do the trick, but i don’t even know how openid works.

  7. Greg J. Smith Greg J. Smith 2008-01-31

    Hey, I was just inspecting coComment to see if it was down w/ Open ID. The fact that it is (well, will be).. makes me think that the application is definitely worth integrating into my pending site redesign.

    Great question Hugh! This is exactly what has been on my mind for the last few weeks. I really want to pull the conversations I’m having across the net onto my blog as (related) content.

  8. Hugh Hugh 2008-01-31

    cool, check in and let me know how it goes!

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