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  1. Martine Martine 2008-01-21

    Congrats on the win and on scoring a front row seat!

  2. 2008-01-21

    We will, we will Blog you!…

    From Rick Spence’s Sweep! Sweep! to Rannies photomontage of the seating chart last night’s adventure in National Television has been pretty effectively blogged. Add in Ryan Adam’s backstage video and you’ll have the whole experience… sans the kic…

  3. Yay for the indoor kids…

    Nice job, KA and crew. And you didn’t even have to wear jumpsuits, chef’s whites, or Borat costumes……

  4. Saskboy Saskboy 2008-01-27

    Was good to meet you, I wish there was more time to talk with everyone.

  5. Saskboy Saskboy 2008-08-14

    Spam reminded me that Sept 7 there is a new show on.

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