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friday mixed tape: the blizzart years

In the year 2000, I split up with my girlfriend, and was going to move to New York City in six months, for a new job. I was twenty-six, and I spent many evenings of those six months hanging out, and occasionally dancing into the wee hours at a bar called Blizzarts, owned by my pal Peter. DJ Bliss and DJ T’cha had a Thursday night residency there, whose name escapes me but will come eventually, that was filled with all sorts of good funky tunes, new and old. I hung out at that time with a variety of characters, including Boris, whom I later “met” again thru the net in 2005 (not knowing who he was), “knew” virtually for about six months, before he posted a pic of himself, and I realized that we used to hang out at Blizzarts togther – tho we’d only been hihowsitgoinfineandyougoodcool pals back then.

Here are some tunes I remember from back in the day:

Mr. Scruff: Get a Move On
If you throw a party, and everyone’s sitting down, and you really want them to dance … this is the tune to slap on the hi-fi.

Jurassic 5: Quality Control
Followed by this one.

Amon Tobin: Verbal (2002)
Amon Tobin lived in Montreal for a while (and I’m told he still does, for part of the year). I saw him play a couple of times at Blizzarts.

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  1. Stephane Daury Stephane Daury 2008-01-04

    I’d be surprised if you don’t know it, but if you like Mr Scruff’s style, be sure to check out the Verve: Remixed (+Verve: Unmixed) series.

    Mr Scruff actually remixed “Do What You Wanna”, by Ramsey Lewis, on the 2nd edition.

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