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blogger & podcaster wins iowa nomination

Blogger & podcaster BarakBarack Obama wins the democratic caucus nomination in Iowa, with 38% of the vote, beating out #2 John Edwards (30%), and #3 (!) Hillary Clinton (29%).

Video of his victory speech. Text of his speech.

Meanwhile, Chuck Norris fan, and creationist (from a non-pastafarian sect), Mike Huckabee took the Republican nomination with 34% (Guiliani got trounced, with just 4%). Video of speech. Text.


  1. Zeke Zeke 2008-01-04


    You know that only 82,941 people voted for Obama vs. 65,073 for Clinton. For comparison purposes 202,302 voted for Gérald Tremblay and 136,777 for Pierre Bourque in the last municipal elections here.

    On the Republican side Huckabee got 39,814 votes, and Guiliani only 4,013.

    There aren’t all that many people in Iowa, and not a lot of them vote in the caucuses which are not a secret ballot either (hence the poor showing by Rudy).

    Now don’t get me started on New Hampshire :-)

  2. julien julien 2008-01-04

    you misspelled Barack.

  3. Hugh Hugh 2008-01-04


  4. Hugh Hugh 2008-01-07

    @zeke: well it’s not an election, it’s a caucus (kinda like a leadership convention in Canada). And I gather the caucuses are stranger than the primaries, but I don’t know the details. The “low” numbers for the Dems is actually double the turn-out from the last Iowa caucus, so that’s interesting.

    Guiliani conceded Iowa – he did not even campaign there, which explains his low numbers – that and overwhelming majority of evangelicals who vote in the Republican caucus in Iowa – a market segmet guiliani doesn’t sell well to.

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