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Wednesday Picks from earideas

Some good audio this week, recommended in the Earideas blog:

This week, an obituary for an electroinnovator, groovy tunes from West Indian Girl, and an introduction to the world of the Evangelical movement in the USA.

Who are these Evangelicals?: One of the most fascinating stories of our time is the rise of the evangelical movement as a dominant political force in the US. Most of us on the left have no idea who these people are: we imagine faith healing, speaking in tongues and the intolerant hard-right polemics of Pat Roberts and Faldwell. This is part of the story, but there’s as much diversity in the evangelical movement as there is … well… anywhere else. Champions of human rights in Africa and campaigners for a response to Climate Change? Yes, among other things. The Council on Foreign Relations held a symposium on on Evangelicals and US Foreign Policy, have a listen to all three sessions here, or the second, and most fascinating of the three:
>Listen here.

Requiem for Stockhausen: The godfather of electronic music, German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen died at 79 this week. Deutsche Welle Radio has an obit:
>Listen here.

Groovy Girl: Morning Becomes Eclectic introduces the fine sounds of LA-based West Indian Girl, a cross, if I can be so Montreal-centric, of Bran Van 3000 and Arcade Fire. Maybe. But good whatever they’re a cross between.
>Listen here.