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Earideas Launch

Today’s the day! We’re launching … an audio directory of the best audio on the net.

link to earideas

Why is different?
* it’s a curated collection – only the very best quality is in there
* it’s targeted – the collection slants to public radio, “for thinkin’ folks”
* it’s built for people who don’t know or care what a “podcast” is
* it’s easy to use (we hope) … designed to pass rigorous Mom UI testing standards
* it updates with new shows daily, and you can listen on our site
* we’ll do a weekly round-up (on our blog, and later by email) of three of the best bits of audio from our directory

Here’s a screenshot:

link to earideas
[image by Heri]

Some new features are coming, though we are planning on keeping it simple. In case you were wondering, development was done by Chris Goringe, design by Marie-Eve, and html/css by Madeline.

Feedback much appreciated either here, by email, or at the good old blog:

In case it’s not clear, some link-love would be nice … and I have an audio challenge that I’ll tag many of you with, please don’t be angry with me. For details, or to preempt your tagging, see:

The earideas audio challenge!

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