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friday mixed tape: sesame street

Some of the great tracks from the kid’s show.

NOTE: I just put up … for those of you who don’t want to have to wade through the rest of my yammering, and just want pure music video goodness.

Sesame Street: Lowercase N
If I had a rock band, I would cover this song in every live show I did. “The wind is very still for… the lower case ‘n'” … breaks my heart.

Sesame Street: Pinball Number Count
You remember this one. For some reason, this is a favourite in my (limited) shower-singing repertoire.

Sesame Street: Number 9 (cutie)

Do you have any Sesame Street favourites?


  1. Casey McKinnon Casey McKinnon 2007-11-30

    THANK YOU! I totally forgot about the poor lower case n… :)

  2. kara kara 2007-11-30

    Yeah! The golden age of Sesame Street! Before they started to SUCK! Lowercase N and the Number 9 Cutie are two of my all-time favorites (number 9 cutie is one of MY shower songs), and then pinball one is a close second. And don’t forget “Said the alligator king to his seven sons” and “Ladybugs 12” and “ten Tiny Turtles on the telephone” and “the penny candy man (8)” and the hauntingly lovely one about the letter E….

    Oh, and remember that one for 20 with the sitar music?

  3. Hugh Hugh 2007-11-30

    thanks for the links kara … had some good sesame moments today.

    &glad you liked the n casey.

  4. Chris Hughes Chris Hughes 2007-12-01

    Can’t find my favourite on YouTube – ‘I’m a little airplane’ Makes me cry – why is nothing as much fun as pretending to be an airplane’, when 6 years old?

  5. victoria victoria 2008-08-21

    Does anyone know who the performer is for Number 9 cutie/alligator king/ladybug picnic? I’d like to get more of his work on CD!

  6. Hugh Hugh 2008-08-22

    says youtube: “sung/written/animated by Bud Luckey, lyrics by Don Hadley. “

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