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friday mixed tape: SNL performances

Normally Saturday Night Live music performances are pretty terrible (don’t know if the show’s even still on? do they still have bands?) … But I’ve seen a few good/impressive ones.

Sugarcubes: Birthday
This was the first time I’d heard Bjork, and I thought what the hell is this? I’d never heard anything like it.

Neil Young: Keep on Rockin In the Free World

Normally SNL performances were insipid affairs, but check out how Neil just rips it up on this one, just gets more and more intense, till that solo at the end. Man. That’s Rock n Roll. And he was an old man even then (sometime in the 90s I think).

Soundgarden: Burden in My Hand
I was hoping to find the Butthole Surfers, and then Pearl Jam’s crazy performance where Eddy Vedder climbs all over the amps and makes a pro-choice speech, but couldn’t: here’s Soundgarden instead!


  1. Tracey Tracey 2007-09-28

    Bjork and the sugarcubes are ace!

  2. Nora Nora 2007-09-30

    Vintage musical performances are my YouTube rabbit hole…gah!

    Nice Sugarcubes moment there. Yesterday I was on the train listening to Sigur Ros and thinking I have to move to Iceland.

    Thanks for the shout out about Spark!

  3. Hugh Hugh 2007-09-30

    i don’t know if they have done the studies yet, but i would not be surprised to flind that old music videos on youtube are more addictive than heroin.

  4. Dan Parsons Dan Parsons 2007-09-30

    DAMN hugh that’s one hell of a neil young video, thanks! god! that IS real rock! If SNL still played music like this, I might actually watch it! Did you notice the gold top les paul player’s strap popped off at one point? neat :) also, ‘ol blacky seems to have a lot less battle scars than in recent videos. that guitar has more mojo than any other instrument on the planet.

  5. Dan Parsons Dan Parsons 2007-09-30

    woops, subscribing to comments

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