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  1. Bob Goyetche Bob Goyetche 2007-02-16

    It’s great that you got those pics. I was always more into the smoked meat from Schwartz’s, but out-of-towners always wanted to be brought to Ben’s.. I was always impressed that a 2 story building had survived amongst all the skyscrapers.. Guess there’ll be another scraper there soon enough..

  2. Hugh Hugh 2007-02-17

    Yeah, that place was EXPENSIVE and the quality had nothing on Schwartz, the Main, or even Reubens. Still, it was a time warp, and that’s what was great about it. There is a move afoot to protect the building, but my guess is the owners thanked their lucky starts for the strike, and said, sweet: a perfect opportunity to sell to developers, and we won’t even look like the bad guys.

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