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no-jargon 10-point pledge

Jargony text & talk drives me crazy. I wrote previously pleading with you, dear readers, never to use the word “utilize” when all you mean is “use.” This stuff infects the pages and html of techies, marketing people and academics, and unsuspecting citizens as well. It’s contagious and dangerous.

I am going to do my part. I’ve decided to take a no-jargon pledge.

Because I value clear concise prose, I promise never to use the following 10 words or phrases when I write:

  1. concretize
  2. modality
  3. paradigm
  4. stake out (a/its/your/my) position
  5. drill down
  6. leverage (unless I am talking about moving rocks)
  7. utilize
  8. empowerment
  9. is informed by
  10. flesh out

This list can be lengthened, please suggest words and phrases to add.

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