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songs in the tubes

First watch the video: [link] Julien posted about this vid, and I watched, and listened, and had a visceral reaction … which, when I later read Julien’s comments, turned out to be very similar to his. There are so many things to love about this vid, and much to make you ponder about how we […]

Brett & OpenSourceCinema

Brett Gaylor, Montreal film-maker, vlogger, Homeless Nation guy, and Atwater Digital Project Advisory Committee member (and pal) is making a documentary film about music, copyright, and remix culture, with funding from the National Film Board. Part of the idea behind the film is to get people (that means you!) to provide content (audio, video, and […]

a couple of links

First, Ira Glass, the force behind This American Life, is, to me, something like a proto podcaster. That NPR radio show is just what I imagined podcasting would become, a collection of the stories of the world told in the voices of real people. And that was before I had ever heard This American Life […]

funny vid

this vid made me laugh out loud several times: S.H.R.T.M.S. – ep. 2 Testi-CRACK!

Darwin’s Origin of Species – audio

Boing Boing reports that LibriVox just released an audio version of: On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, by Charles Darwin Twenty-four hours of audio/biology/history goodness. This project was a real battle to get finished (I’ve got a chapter in there), so congrats to the many hands that made it happen.

podcamp toronto was great …

…fantastic organization, kudos to the putters-togetherers, and I’ll point out some cool projects shortly. But please, please, please make this phrase disappear. (PS, thanks for the ride home Bob). UPDATE: you can see vids of the event, including some footage of me, here.

cancon, podcasting and SIRIUS

Julien, a Montreal podcaster (longest active Canadian podcaster, most popular DIYer in Canada etc) & satelite radio man, just told me that his show, In Over Your Head plays on SIRIUS satelite radio in the USofA, but not in Canada. CBC owns 40% of SIRIUS Canada. Presumably interested in playing CanCon? But not interested in […]

Atwater Digital Literacy Project – needs your help

Moons ago, Sylvain & I were talking about building a digital media school for kids-at-risk at the Atwater Library. Well, a couple of years later, we’ve got some funding from Heritage Canada, a fantastic project co-ordinator, a bunch of very keen partner groups; and a gaggle of great volunteers and organizers. The plan in this […]

1984 graphic novel

Robin mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, and I think I posted already, but I met Freddy last night. He’s making a fantastic graphic novel of Orwell’s 1984 (see: gutenberg australia’s ebook). Freddy is selling these posters for $12 a pop: And here is the opening scene (you can get it in B&W or […]

if you got digg, you gotta dog

For the hardcore info junkie, there was no better feed for your veins than a feed of the purest quality, distilled from a mix of,, and Cease and desist letters sent. is now No harm done I guess, but digg are jerks.