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Brett & OpenSourceCinema

Brett Gaylor, Montreal film-maker, vlogger, Homeless Nation guy, and Atwater Digital Project Advisory Committee member (and pal) is making a documentary film about music, copyright, and remix culture, with funding from the National Film Board. Part of the idea behind the film is to get people (that means you!) to provide content (audio, video, and photos), and to help edit, mix, mash, and remix bits of the film.

He’s just (re)launched a site,, to get people to contribute.

So go try it out.

(Sylvain, Josh and I hung out last week, cleaning up the site & getting the look, feel and text right, and Patrick did the redesign).

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  1. Josh Josh 2007-03-11

    Good times, good people, good project :)

    A wrap-up is here:

    YouTube somehow messed up the Audio+Video Sync. At least that’s what I see and hear from my side. :(

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