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youtube adds ads

Video advertising has started on the YouTube website, its owner – internet giant Google – has confirmed. Google said it had designed the way the adverts work on the video-sharing website to be as unobtrusive and undisruptive as possible. The adverts will begin 15 seconds after a user has started to watch a video, but […]

Another stupid article about blogs

In the LA Times, journalism prof Michael Skube writes a meaningless and silly article that argues… well nothing really … or sort of that bloggers are all opinion, no fact, and that’s a waste of everyone’s time. Title? “Blogs: All the noise that fits: The hard-line opinions on weblogs are no substitute for the patient […]

CBC 6-point plan

Ouimet over at Teamakers is throwing her hat into the ring as a candidate for CBC President. Me too. Here is my 6-point plan: 1. Podcast everything audio (none of this “best-of” stuff), and put *all* CBC TV on Youtube (leave the ads in). Do you want people to consume your stuff? Then let them. […]

teamakers for CBC prez

I’m a public radio addict, and I theoretically love CBC Radio, except that most of it is total shit. Some of it is fantastic. (By the way, this is why I started, so that instead of listening to crappy radio punctuated with the occasional great show, I could listen to the stuff I want […]

Mirror on Atwater Digital Literacy Project

The Mirror’s got an article on the Atwater Digital Literacy Project, nicely done. Here’s the lede: Give a kid a video camera and they’ll fiddle around with the buttons, but teach a kid how to make movies and they’ll be feverishly posting to YouTube in no time—or at least that’s the idea behind the Atwater […]

URGENT: zeke and a court injunction

Yulblogger, podcaster, ilesansfiler, and art gallery/space guy Chris Hand, aka Zeke, has had his blog shut down (UPDATE: possibly permanently???) by a court injunction. The Montreal and Canadian blogging, free speech, rational people communities ought to be up in arms. I urge everyone to at least write about this to get this info out. It’s […]

some interviews on CitizenSHIFT

Matt grabbed some audio from me yakking at Podcamp Toronto, talking about: LibriVox, and Atwater Digital Literacy Project I like the informal, trip-hoppy format. Nicely done. (But what did I mean by “audio nirvana” I wonder??).

moyers and stewart

Bill Moyers is a great old journalist from PBS who defends his vision of America in the face of iniquity; Jon Stewart is a young comedian who defends America in the face of absurdity. See them talk.

globalvoices redesign

Boris (with help from Jer) has just launched the redesign of GlobalVoicesOnline, which: …aggregates, curates, and amplifies the global conversation online – shining light on places and people other media often ignore [more …] The site is jam packed with info from blogs all over the world, and this new design is much cleaner & […]

Video – boogat

I did a video interview of Montreal hip hop artist Boogat, for the National Arts Centre’s Scene Quebec programme/podcast. SceneQuebec is an arts festival in Ottawa/Gatineau, April 20-May 5. Here’s the boogat vid. There are a few more vids by me coming out too, some about theatre, and another about the classical music programming. You […]