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Copyright on CBC’s Search Engine & Meeting

Canada’s copyright Minister Jim Prentice will be on CBC’s Search Engine this morn, at 11. If you miss it, you’ll be able to listen by podcast (I’ll post a link). UPDATE: here is the mp3. Have not listened yet. mp3. Here is the best primer on the issues I’ve seen yet, from Brendon Wilson. Also: […]

buck-fifty librivox

We just hit 1,500 items in the LibriVox catalog. The lucky audiobook is: Four Great Americans, by James Baldwin. This was the 96th book published in May, and we are on track for a 100-book month, which would smash our previous record of 77 books set in July 2007.

friday mixed tape: rush (for dan)

Dan’s the guy who keeps LibriVox servers running. He loves Rush. It’s his birthday. So: Rush – La Villa Strangiato (Live at Pinkpop 1979) Rush: Limelight Rush: Fly By Night

friday mixed tape: montreal scratchers

They’re called turntablists, and Montreal’s has had some good ‘uns over the years. Kid Koala: Drunk Trumpet Dj A-Track: at the ITF Scratch Bastid: Scribble Jam 07

dante’s inferno – canto I

Dante’s Inferno: Cori reads; Gustave DorĂ© illustrates; and lucid videoifies.

friday mixed tape: alfie’s warm-up mix

When I was at university, I worked as a waiter at the student pub, Alfie’s. We had DJs, but I used to come in a little early for my shifts, and they let me “spin” a bit before things started up. I usually got around to playing jazzy funky stuff, but I’d often start out […]

friday mixed tape: old surf rock

The Astronauts: Firewater (1963) Looks like a good party. Do you think the guy on the couch is gonna score with that girl? From the movie, Surf Party. Dick Dale & The Del Tones: Surfing/Miserlou (1962) Intro is the vocal “Surfing,” followed by the instrumental “Miserlou,” which is a traditional Greek folk song, with versions […]

wednesday picks: arthur, mossdale & dunbar

Some real audio treats this week at earideas/wednesday picks: SciFi loses a great one, with the death of Arthur C. Clarke; a beautiful and tragic story of death in the Mossdale caves; and the mystery of Bobby Dunbar. [thanks to Matt for the tip on dunbar]

friday mixed tape: superman songs

Songs about the man of steel: Laurie Anderson: O Superman (1981) OK, not really about Superman, exactly…but still, it’s Laurie Anderson. Crash Test Dummies: Superman’s Song (1991) The audio’s a bit soft on this one, and I feel like an idiot, but for some reason this tune and video sorta gets me. REM: Superman (1986) […]

Wednesday Picks: Admiral Fallon, Butch Vig, Architecture

Earideas Wednesday Picks: US Admiral Fallon retires over Iran & Iraq; Sound Opinions with Butch Vig, producer of Sonic Youth and Nirvana, among others; and Architecture prof Robert Jan van Pelt, on Auschwitz, architecture and education. Listen here.