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What We’re Building

The Examined Life

I went to see The Examined Life last night, a really, really good film about … philosophy. Wonderfully done. Interviews with eight philosophers (Zizek, Cornell West, Judith Butler and more) about their thoughts and work. It’s no easy feat making an entertaining feature-length talking-head documentary, especially about philosophy, but Astra Taylor succeeds in this one. […]

Blind Spot, Chapter Three

From an old unpublished novel, for a lark, here is Chapter 3: Vivianne stood inside the walk-in refrigerator, with her back to me, her small wiry body tight and ready to pounce, her mass of curly blond hair bobbing with her head. She wore her crisp white chef’s jacket, with loose-fitting black-and-white checked pants, held […]

Blind Spot: Chapter One

Have I ever mentioned that I wrote a novel? I finished Blind Spot in 2005, sent it out, got a stack of rejections. It’s been sitting in various formats of a drawer for years now, and I figured it was time to release it into the wild. The about goes something like this: A novel […]


From Superbomba’s superb flickr stream.

Her Morning Elegance

From Oren Lavie: Oren Lavie’s flash site (sigh). And a live set on Morning Becomes Eclectic. [via @mdash]

Knitted Animation: Tricot Machine

Knitted animation, a music video of the song Les peaux de lièvres, from Montreal band Tricot Machine… wow: [via Knitguy]

Wifi and Space

Wi-fi structures and people shapes, from Dan Hill: One of the ideas I’ve been exploring relates to how urban industry – in the widest sense of the word – in the knowledge economy is often invisible, at least immediately and in situ. Whereas urban industry would once have produced thick plumes of smoke or deafening […]

feria: a poempark & movie

My friend Oana Avasilichioaei recently released her latest book of poetry, feria: a poempark (amazon link): Oana Avasilichioaei deftly dismantles language and landscape in a whirling collection of poetry. feria is a poetic frolic in Vancouver’s Hastings Park eluding boundaries of landscape, time and narrative. Avasilichioaei writes and rewrites over this image, interpreting its evolving […]’s Flipbook

I’m at the annual conference of the Open Content Alliance, hosted by the Internet Archive. They’re just launching their open source Flip Book. Very nice, and you can embed it in your site, to whit: Pretty neat, eh?