barcamp (and an invite to women)

by Hugh

First: Barcamp is this weekend. Deets:

  • Where : Society for Arts and Technology (SAT), 1195 Boul. St. Laurent [Google Map]
  • When : Saturday, April 28th, 2007 at 9:30 a.m.
  • What : a free (un)conference, where everyone is invited to make a presentation. (more or less).

Also, I got in trouble a while back because I made a list of people I know doing cool thing on the web in Montreal, and my list included mostly men. My response was: criteria were: a) people I know b) who are doing cool things AND c) on the web. Which ended up mostly guys, the same guys who show up to things like barcamp.

So here is an invite to a number of women I know who are doing interesting things on the web, to attend Barcamp, and presentations I would like to hear them do (note: presentation part is to be ignored, and just coming to the event would be good):

  • Shawna: thoughts on design and activism; twitter for families
  • Miriam: making drupal work for you; kids and digital media; running a web shop
  • Jen: the web from the corporate 90s to the community 2007
  • Martine: writing, blogging, film and TV
  • M-C: consulting in digital media; making a video community
  • Marie-Eve: art and graphic design; wearing art
  • Ella: photography and wifi; personal/public on the web
  • Casey: the future of vidcasting
  • Vero.b: will video kill the audio star? authenticity on screen
  • Tracey: are people starting to talk like geographers; or are geographers starting to talk like people?