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digital media sucks

Maurizio has a great post about the dismal quality of mp3/ACC audio, and the parallels in crappy video. Actually the problem – for audio at least – is far worse than just the final format: Dynamic range, warmth and depth have all but disappeared it seems in today’s music recordings. Music is compressed in recording, […]

globalvoices redesign

Boris (with help from Jer) has just launched the redesign of GlobalVoicesOnline, which: …aggregates, curates, and amplifies the global conversation online – shining light on places and people other media often ignore [more …] The site is jam packed with info from blogs all over the world, and this new design is much cleaner & […]

52 Books – Q1 Progress Report

I’m trying to read 52 books in 2007, a book a week. I’ve still got a little cushion, but I’m slowing down. Been lucky, with lots of good books. Here’s a list, with a one-line review, link to more detailed review. Starred books are particularly good. 52 Books in 2007 – Q1 Results *A Clockwork […]

BookReview: Crazy about Lili

Crazy about Lili product Book by William Weintraub A light fluffy fantasy about a young McGill student and would-be writer in late-1940s Montreal, who strikes up a friendship and potential romance with the infamous Lili L’Amour, the great Texas-born, Montreal striptease artiste. L’Amour is based on Lili St. Cyr, the burlesque icon, and many other […]

BookReview: America at the Crossroads

America at the Crossroads: Democracy, Power, and the Neoconservative Legacy product Book by Francis Fukayama It’s a relief to read at least one (semi) mea culpa from a leading cheerleader for the policies that lead to War in Iraq, and the catastrophe that has been the Bush presidency. Francis Fukayama is the famous writer of […]

Mtl Tech Entrepeneur Breakfast #3

Tues, April 10 @ 9am, at Bistro Etc.: Bistro Etc. 1291 Avenue Mont-Royal Est Montreal, QC H2J 1Y4 (514) 525-1895 Map Details chez Ben. And hey, let’s see some more women at the event. It’s casual and relaxed.